'Publisher at work' - Photo Credit; Courtesy clips from an A.R.T. Television Interview.
Broadcast via the 'Min America Show' (Arab & Radio Television Satellite Network).

Letter from our Publisher...


The Al-Sahafa Newspaper USA is a National Publication that became Internationally recognized in the two decades that it was in production. Written in the English language, it covered topics ranging from Fashion, to Culture, to Food, to Politics, to Exclusive Interviews with Business & World Leaders - all pertaining to the Middle East.

The idea & concept of this publication was first created in the year 2000. And very quickly became a popular monthly read. I feel because it was truly such a welcoming and very diverse newspaper that included interesting 'Did You know' articles, & thoroughly researched pieces, as well as personable interviews that always seemed to resonate with our growing readership.

There is no doubt, that the Media plays a huge role in image and perception. One of the primary goals in producing the Al-Sahafa publication, was to initiate and open dialogue to help bridge the gap of tolerance and acceptance each month, by providing news - with the "Arab" viewpoint. Reminding readers, that "there is always the other side to every story told".

Each month 150,000 hard copies of The Al-Sahafa Newspaper (which means the Media or the Press in Arabic), were printed and distributed. Not forgetting to mention - that we worked hard on achieving a large Subscription base of close to 15,000 that were mailed from our Corporate Office in Cleveland Ohio each month to all Middle Eastern Embassies, many politically important locations in our Nation's Capital in Washington D.C., to Nationally recognized Libraries, Colleges, Arab American Organizations and American Companies throughout the United States, doing business with the Middle East.

Over the years, the love & respect that we received from our readership, granted us numerous Awards & National Honors & Recognitions. We owe our readers for the 'gravitas' they granted us, as a credible News source and Media outlet. It is because of the countless calls, faxes, letters, emails, and daily visits to our Corporate Office in Cleveland - the constant interaction with readers and writers and advertisers (and even moms that liked to stop by or send us delicious treats & home-made dishes for the Staff to enjoy) that made it all so worth it, to go to work each day!

When I think back to how I left my Position at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (as their VIP Guest Director) with just a dream to create and establish my own Newspaper Publication. A dream that quickly became reality. It was to help spread the news and highlight the Middle Eastern viewpoints and write about the tremendously rich culture of our beautiful Arab Region. And since 2000, this Newspaper and its incredible Staff not only grew, but far surpassed the expectation of drawing-in opinionated, interested, invested and well-versed readers and writers alike from all over the world, that then built & developed fascinating monthly Columns & Features in our popular publication.

Over the past two decades, Al-Sahafa Newspaper welcomed a plethora of International readers & skilled interested writers that added in the flavors & colors of our monthly pages in each Issue.

Through various scholarly programs, this very 'Culturally Rich' publication worked with & even developed an abundance of Programs with Intern Students from top Ohio Universities - giving us immense pride & credibility in working with today's students and tomorrow's leaders.

Print is an amazing medium to reach persons across the world, and share with them the perseverance of dreams and idealizations that we as human beings, all share.

Although the Al-Sahafa Newspaper is no longer being Published - the stories, interviews, and various monthly columns, that were printed in each Issue, are still very relevant - and can be used as a valuable source of information, reference points, (and even discovery)!

It is in hopes that the material provided in the Monthly Issues on our website, is found to be a useful reserve about the vast and beautiful Middle East region and its people.



Readers, colleagues and friends of The Al-Sahafa Newspaper USA, I am beyond grateful for the journey I have experienced as a Writer & Publisher of the Al-Sahafa Newspaper USA; a Publication that I established in 2000. Over the years, I have been honored to interview, write about & highlight the many great 'Success Stories' of Lebanese & Arab-Americans throughout the USA, including Arabs in the Middle East & Internationally. I have accepted countless of VIP Conference invites, that I was pleased to serve as a Speaker, Moderator and active Participant. A huge & heartfelt 'Thank You' to all my friends and colleagues for walking this incredible journey with me, in friendship and with your insurmountable support. Currently, I am establishing a Foundation. This Foundation will enable me to take what I've learned from my years in Publishing- to a newer & greater height in benefitting people & in enhancing their lives. Looking forward to holding hands with supportive friends who believe in the same passion in uplifting people, & who are just as devoted in the cause for the betterment & advancement of society.

'Work is love made visible'

~ Khalil Gibran (Lebanese-American Poet)



Fatina Salaheddine

Publisher; Al-Sahafa Newspaper USA

Twitter: @MissFatina

Biography: Fatina Salaheddine




Publisher’s Interviews Over the Years

Iktisaad Wal Amaal ‘Press Conference’ with the Late Lebanese Prime Minister; Mr. Rafik El Hariri. Fatina Salaheddine (as a Member of the U.S. Media) asking Mr. Hariri about the ‘Image of Lebanon to the world’. (Beirut, Lebanon 2003)

A.R.T Television Network ‘Min America’ Series. Fatina Salaheddine Interview (as a Publisher) at the Al-Sahafa Newspaper Office. (Cleveland, Ohio USA 2007)

Future TV Network ‘Siree Wan Fatahet, ma3 Zaven’ Show. It was during a trip in Lebanon, that the Media Host; Zaven invited his colleague; Fatina Salaheddine to Co-Host & join in on a ‘fun & light-hearted’ Episode about a Saudi Magician and his popularity in the Middle East. (Beirut, Lebanon 2010)

MTV Lebanon Network ‘Hadees El Balad / Talk of the Town’ Show. As a Lebanese-American Businesswoman; Fatina Salaheddine was invited to be a Guest, on one of the Arab World’s most popular Entertainment shows. Honored by Mr. Jihad El Murr and Hosted by the very beautiful Ms. Mona Abu Hamza. (Episode aired Valentine’s Day - February 14, 2012)



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